The Native Health Connection is designed exclusively for IHS Tribal and Urban sites running the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS).

The comprehensive platform includes multiple modules that empowers patients through a newfound ownership of their healthcare data.

Healthcare providers understand over 99% of the time the patient is on their own. The Native Health Connection allows IHS and Tribal sites the same level of functionality as major health care organizations.  When used in concert with a physicians recommended care program, the NHC strives to reduce the onset of complications from chronic diseases such as diabetes by introducing technology to help bridge that 99% gap.

PWPThe Patient Wellness Portal is a personal health record that provides the patient with direct and effective engagement and communication with their care team. It empowers the patient by providing them with the ability to securely connect and communicate via messages to their care team, create appointments, request transportation and see all of their healthcare data all via a secure mobile app or their home computer.

The Actionable Diabetic Analytics is a module is to improve diabetic outcomes by consolidating thousands of pieces of information into a simple to use dashboard. With a single glance, a provider will be able to quickly analyze the state of their diabetic patients based on standards established by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

NCQA developed the Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP) to provide clinicians with tools to support the delivery and recognition of consistent high quality care. This voluntary program is designed to recognize clinicians who use evidence-based measures and provide excellent care to their patients with diabetes.

The DRP Program includes measures which cover areas such as:

  • HbA1c control
  • Blood Pressure control
  • Eye examinations
  • Nephropathy Assessment
  • Smoking  and Tobacco Use and cessation advice or treatment  

Those who achieve DRP Recognition show their peers, patients and others in the Diabetes community that they are part of an elite group that is publicly recognized for their skill in providing the highest-level diabetes care. 

PMAS IntegrationThe Native Health Connection has a direct plug-in and works seamlessly for any IHS or Tribal site running the IHS Practice Management Application System (PMAS). NHC simply adds additional module(s) to the existing PMAS, depending upon RPMS permissions information will be immediately available to designated users.